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Blade Sharpening

Jarvis is fully equipped with the latest sharpening technology to sharpen almost any blade you may come across in an abbatoir, boning room or butcher. We can turn blades around quickly, and provide reporting on the number of sharpens per blade to guage blade longevity.

All sharpening takes place at our Brisbane workhop, and whilst we guarantee the fastest turnaround time possible, delivery times around Australia can vary greatly.

For customers wishing to sign up to an ongoing sharpening agreement, we will introduce a quantity of additional blades into your rotation free of charge, to ensure you have sufficient coverage whilst blades are being sharpened and/or transported.

Circular Blade Sharpening

Jarvis USA not only produces high quality tooling; it also manufactures their own Circular Blade Sharpening machines which are in use in the Brisbane workshop.

We are able to sharpen your circular blades – both Jarvis & competitor blades – back to original specifications, or customised to suit your individual requirements.

Jarvis Circular Blade Sharpening:

Dehider Blade Sharpening

The Jarvis pneumatic JCIVA Dehider is the most advanced Dehider knife on the market, but won’t be effective if the blades are not sharpened correctly.

Jarvis offers a sharpening service for Dehider blades using the purpose-built Jarvis BR-5A sharpener. We work with you to provide a consistent, professional sharpen every time, specifically to your individual profile type, in a timely manner to cope with the busiest of Production enviroments.

We are able to inspect, track, and sharpen your blades immediately upon their arrival at our Brisbane workshop, and will ensure those blades are on a truck to be returned to you the following day. Where an ongoing sharpening agreement is entered into, we will add a number of dehider blades into your rotation to ensure no shortages during transportation and sharpening.

Hand Knife Sharpening

Jarvis uses the latest Cozzini PRIMEdge hollow grinders and honing/edging units to sharpen all brands of handknives, scissors, and cleavers in its Brisbane workshop. We are able to cater for all requirements from single knives in the home kitchen to large quantity batches from a high-volume abattoir.

Jarvis also promotes its own range of Boning, Skinning, & Slicer knives, sharpening steels and chain-mesh protective equipment.

Chain Mail Repairs

As part of Jarvis’ ongoing commitment to user safety, we are proud to now be able to offer repairs on all brands of chain mail gloves, sleeves and aprons. 

All chain mail is repaired in our Brisbane workshop
using the latest purpose-built welders & parts to ensure no loose links or sagging mesh, providing maximum resistance and durability for ongoing peace of mind.

All products are cleaned and disinfected as part of
the repair. Just send in a photo of the damaged items and we will provide a quote:


Service Techs

All Jarvis tooling comes with free on-site training and support for the life of the tool, through our team of experienced Service Technicians located around Australia.

(All states)

Rob Haworth

(Victoria, Tasmania)

Geoff Lawrence

(South Australia, Western Australia)

Paul Santos

(Queensland, Northern Territory)

Anton Kingi


Matt Haworth

(New South Wales)

Henry Webster