The best finished product cannot be made without the best quality steel having the appropriate mechanical and fatigue properties. The most advanced technologies for grinding and setting result in consistent tooth profile and very accurate set from tooth to tooth. Induction heat treating gives the right combination of hardness, toughness and wear resistance.


Bung Rings 

Bung rings are designed for sealing the anus of slaughtered beef. They are made in the USA of natural latex. They are designed to withstand 400 PSI – eliminating the possibility of ring split.


Weasand Clips 

Weasand clips are designed for sealing the esophagus of beef and sheep; they are designed to keep it sealed as tightly as possible during the processing procedures. They are made of plastic and are manufactured in USA.


Lubriplate FML-2 is NSF H-1 registered No. 125741. It may be used on equipment as a lubricant or anti-rust film in locations in which there is exposure of the lubricated part to the edible product.

Also, this product is manufactured with ingredients that are approved under the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations 21.CFR 178.3570, 21.CFR 172.878, and 21.CFR 182 – Substances Generally Recognized as Safe. These are some of the FDA codes that govern lubricants for use on machinery with incidental food contact. It is registered Kosher OU Pareve and Halal registered.


Airline Lubricant 

No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant, commonly known as No-Tox AL Lubricant, is a versatile lubricant for air lines and pneumatic tools found in the “clean” industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care product manufacturing. No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant is NSH H1 registered for use in applications where incidental food contact may occur. It is designed to maximize air tool life and optimize pneumatic system performance by reducing wear, corrosion and deposits. No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant contains an emulsifier to remove water from the air distribution system and to optimize tool performance.

  • Flash point, ASTN D92 of 210C – Reduces the risk of explosion
  • Falex EP Test at 1000 – Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Bacteriological protection – Effectively inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, yeast and mold in the lubricant.
  • Leaves a strong protective film


Circular Saw Sharpening 

  • New Technology
  • Jarvis is the only circular saw blade manufacturer with chrome plated blades
  • Advanced blade specifications reduce stress and wear and tear on the equipment. Testing has already improved blades by 10 to 20%
  • Testing has proven reductions in bone dust

These machines allow us to offer a service second to none to our customers. Discuss this fantastic opportunity to sharpen all circular saw blades currently in the industry back to original specifications or customize them to your requirements with your Service Engineer and discover the benefits to your company.