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Suitable for hanging all Jarvis tooling, the Two Inch Pipe Trolley is made of high quality stainless steel to prevent rusting and paint flaking concerns. 

For a limited time we are offering at the special price of $450 ex per unit. 

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Jarvis is pleased to bring the new ITEC Mano Tower Hygiene Column to Australian businesses.

Designed specifically to meet the increased personal hygiene workplace requirements during the pandemic, the Mano Tower helps protect your employees, customers, guests & visitors from viruses, bacteria & unwanted germs.

  • Hand and surface disinfection in one unit
  • Stainless-steel, ergonomic housing, easy to clean
  • Two rollers for easy movement
  • Available in two versions, with automatic hand disinfectant dispenser or a manual arm lever dispenser
  • Optional integration of a 11,6” Displays for advertising/information campaigns

Suitable for food, wholesale & retail operations, gyms, and indeed any business needing to provide rapid surface and hand disinfection.

All units are fully supported by Jarvis Australia’s team of Service Technician’s around Australia.  

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Jarvis is now able to offer dual control with true anti tie-down protection for the Jarvis MG-1 range of Brisket Saws, ensuring true care and best available protection for your workers. 

Clearance Sale

Clearance on all Niroflex ‘Easyfit’, ‘Niroflex 2000’, ‘Niroflex Fix’, ‘Bluecut’ and ‘Whitecut Extreme’ protective gloves.

From gloves to full arms in all sizes – everything priced to clear with all products between 50 and 70% off! Only whilst stocks last. 

USC-1 Stunning Control Sytem

Jarvis Australia is excited to launch the USC-1 Stunning Control System for use with Jarvis’ full range of USSS knocking guns.

This system has been developed in partnership with pneumatic specialists SMC and is invaluable for anyone having problems meeting halal and/or animal welfare requirements


JRV-1 Hydraulic Powerpack

In collaboration with hydraulic specialists Rexroth, Jarvis Australia is delighted to launch the JRV-1 Hydraulic Powerpack.

The JRV-1 is specifically designed to allow multiple tools, or multiple tools and a rise/fall platform to be run simultaneously off the one power pack. Equally, the JRV-1 is ideal for a maintenance room servicing/testing multiple tools before they go back out onto the floor.

The unit runs on Canola Oil which is Halal and Kosher friendly. The unit provides a cooling rather than heating effect as seen with traditional units and we are especially pleased with the removal of heat that has traditionally built up in the handle of hydraulic saws such as the SHC-205.


JASS-1 Sheep and Small Stock Stunner

Designed to comply with the most recent EU regulations, the JASS-1 Sheep and Small Stock Stunner brings the latest in stunning technology. 

Tests have shown a substantial reduction in unsuccessful stuns, guaranteeing optimum animal welfare considerations as well as reducing Ecchymosis and stressed meat.