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  • Accessories

    Hand Knives

    Designed by Jarvis, our knives are made from the highest quality blade steel and sharpened in-house by our state of the art Cozzini Primedge sharpeners, guaranteeing precision cutting, safely and...

    JRV-1 Hydraulic Powerpack

    Created in partnership with hydraulic specialists Rexroth the JRV-1 hydraulic powerpack allows multiple applications to run from a single powerpack.

    Upright and Splitting Saw Blades

    Jarvis manufacture a complete range of upright and splitting saw blades locally in our Brisbane workshop.  All blades are made from the highest quality EDGE steel, precision cut and welded...

    PC-1 Pizzle Crusher

    Crushes sheep pizzles quickly and efficiently. Easy to operate and handle. Designed for operator safety and comfort. Fast, durable and lightweight. Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

    BPH-1 Air Heater

    The Jarvis Model BPH-1 applies heat in compressed air lines. Designed specifically for use with all Jarvis pneumatically powered hand tools. Prevents air motor ice-up, eliminating tool down-time. Increases operator...

    FV-1 Floor Vacuum Cleaning System

    The FV-1 is specifically designed for the removal of blood, meat scraps and saw dust. Lightweight handpiece for optimum operator comfort. All stainless construction for maximum hygiene. High air flow...