Robotic Innovations Now Available in the Meat Industry

Recent innovations in robotic control and recognition have made the use of robotics a reality for high-speed operation in the meat industry.

Jarvis Products Corporation is now offering industrial robots for various kill and cutting floor procedures. These robots can be easily adapted to control Jarvis hand tools used for both beef and pork precutting and slaughterline operations.

In pork slaughterhouses, Jarvis robots can be especially utilised for hog head dropping, brisket opening, fore-paw, and aitch bone cutting operations. Robotic machines have also successfully removed pork bungs, and opened pork bellies and breasts.

Beef slaughter lines have found robots greatly beneficial for forequarting and hock cutting procedures. These robots are user friendly, easy changeable, fast, reliable and easy to maintain, requiring minimal maintenance.

Custom designed control provides superior accuracy by permitting continuous modifications to the tool path. The main axes are lifetime lubricated and an oil change is only necessary after 20,000 hours of operation. Average service life is 10-15 years. All moving parts are covered for protection, and arms can be fully extended – even at maximum speed. Robots can be either floor or ceiling mounted.

Jarvis provides free customer service, including equipment installation, service calls, and employee training.

Source: International Meat Topics — Volume 3 Number 3