• Unique power assist feature allows effortless cutting (air assisted with stroke control).
    Blade movement can be stopped at any time -like a standard set of scissors.
  • The Jarvis Model Airsnip 35- PA-2 is optimally suited for close trimming operations while maintaining high yields. Common applications:
  • Poultry: deboned breast trim, deboned thigh trim, mirror trim station, vent opening, heart and liver harvest, wing cutting (all joints), neck breaking, leg cutting (all joints), breast
    tenderloin trim, pattern skin trimming, toe nail trimming, tail cutting, foot removal and trim.
  • Fish: head, fin and tail removal.
  • Pork: trimming sausage casings.
  • Lightweight – weighs only 21 oz (0.6 kg).
  • Many sizes and styles of blades available to suit any application.
  • Simple cleaning – tool is totally immersible.
  • Patented.
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